Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Systems- Undergraduate
Course Tables

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Course Tables
Name         Code Major
 Automechanic workshop  2533161  Industrial engineering
 Decision analysis  2533133  Industrial engineering
 Design & establishment of industries  2515713   All Majors
 Industrial automation  2533143  Industrial engineering
 Internship 1  2533111  Industrial engineering
 Linear algebra  2533103  Industrial engineering
 Management information system  2515733  All Majors
 Numeral control  2533153  Industrial engineering
 Planning of maintenance & repair  2515723  All Majors
 Principles of marketing        2533172  Industrial engineering
 Production planning and inventory control 1  2515693  All Majors
 Production planning and inventory control 2  2515703  All Majors
 Project management and control  2515683  All Majors
 quality and productivity management  2533123  Industrial engineering
 Research methods and report writing   2581152  All Majors
 Computer Applications in Industrial Engineering  2526062  System Planning and Analysis
 Control systems  2529273  System Planning and Analysis
 Plant Layout and Design  2525073  System Planning and Analysis
 Information Systems Design  2526123  System Planning and Analysis
 DES. PRESS-DIE-SHOP  2510152  All Majors
 DESIGN & ANALYSIS OF SAFETY SYS.  2529193  System Planning and Analysis
 Design of industrial buildings and facilities  2519183  All Majors
 Design of Small Industries  2516063  All Majors
 Econometrics and Economic Planning  2529173  System Planning and Analysis
 Industrial Safety and Health  2519222  All Majors
 Foundations of Electrical Engineering  2515673  Industrial production
 Management Information System  2519153  Industrial production
 Manufacturing workshop  2512103  All Majors
 Manufacturing processes  2525133  System Planning and Analysis
 Mechanical assembly  2519273  All Majors
 Metrology  2510122  All Majors
 Operations Research 1  2515304  All Majors
 Operations Research 2  2519064  All Majors
 Organizing human resources  2529243  System Planning and Analysis
 Principles of Management and Organization Theory  2515573  All Majors
 Production and inventory control 1  2515453  All Majors
 Production planning  2516123  Industrial production
 Quality control  2515544  All Majors
 Quality control  2525544  System Planning and Analysis
 SIMULATION  2529293  System Planning and Analysis
 Static  2505823  All Majors
 Strength of Materials  2511063  Industrial production
 Technical English  2527002  System Planning and Analysis
 Queuing theory  2526033  System Planning and Analysis
 Internship 2  2517120  Industrial production
 Internship 2  2527120  System Planning and Analysis
 Wage & salary payment systems  2519213  All Majors
 Application of computers in industrial engineering  2510062  Industrial production
 Decision making analysis  2529143  System Planning and Analysis
 Design and control of management information systems  2519123  Industrial production
 Design of industries  2516033  All Majors
 Economics 1  2515092  All Majors
 Economics 2  2515122  All Majors
 Engineering economics  2515023  All Majors
 Engineering statistics  2515273  All Majors
 Facilities planning  2515483  All Majors
 Final project  2517553  All Majors
 Financial management  2519332  All Majors
 Human Factors Engineering  2516153  All Majors
 Human resource planning and management  2529223  System Planning and Analysis
 Internship 1  2517112  All Majors
 Inventory planning and control 1  2515423  All Majors
 Inventory planning and control 2  2516183  All Majors
 Maintenance planning  2516093  All Majors
 Manufacturing processes  2513303  All Majors
 Manufacturing processes 1  2515052  All Majors
 Manufacturing processes 2  2515243  All Majors
 Material science  2515153  All Majors
 Metrology and quality control lab.  2512342  Industrial production
 Motion and time study  2515393  All Majors
 Motion and time study lab.  2510391  All Majors
 Operations research 1  2515303  Industrial production
 Operations research 2  2519063  All Majors
 Principles of accounting and cost analysis  2515183  All Majors
 Principles of management and organization theory  2515572  Industrial production
 Principles of simulation  2519293  Industrial production
 Probability theory and applications  2515033  All Majors
 Production planning  2529253  System Planning and Analysis
 Project control  2515363  All Majors
 Quality management  2516282  Industrial production
 Queuing theory  2519033  Industrial engineering
 Statics  2505822  Industrial production
 Statics and strength of materials  2505833  All Majors
 Statistical Quality Control  2515543  Industrial production
 Strength of materials  2505842  Industrial production
 Systems analysis  2526103  System Planning and Analysis
 Technical English  2517002  All Majors
 Transportation planning  2519313  All Majors
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