Defence of Pantea Rava
Designing Smart Data Mining Model for gas Station consumption prediction

                                                                  Student: Pantea Rava
 | Post date: 2020/07/7 |  View: 1923 Time(s)
Defence of Aminreza Jafari
An optimization model for Fortification of critical facilities against interdiction considering emergency capacity

                                                                  Student: Aminreza Jafari
 | Post date: 2020/07/1 |  View: 1810 Time(s)
Defence of Ghasem Saketi
Increasing existing railway capacity based on improving and Upgrade rail infrastructure Using the theory of constraints and simulation (Case study of a railway line)

                                                                  Student: Ghasem Saketi
 | Post date: 2020/07/1 |  View: 1789 Time(s)
Defence of Farzaneh faroughi
A model for stock trading system based on gene expression programming and reinforcement learning method


                                                     Student:Farzaneh faroughi
 | Post date: 2020/07/1 |  View: 1835 Time(s)
Defence of Azam Bakhshandeh
Developing a multi-objective optimization model for scheduling of patients and reducing personnel idle time in medical tourism centers


                                                                            Student: Azam Bakhshandeh
 | Post date: 2020/06/29 |  View: 1814 Time(s)
Defence of Pouya Dehghanpour
Recycling pricing and contract design of dual-channel closed-loop supply chain

                                                                  Student: Pouya Dehghanpour
 | Post date: 2020/06/27 |  View: 1869 Time(s)
Defence of Ehsan Zaheri
A model for cross-dock portfolio planning problem in chain stores

                                                                                                                                                      Student: Ehsan Zaheri
 | Post date: 2020/06/24 |  View: 1694 Time(s)
Defence of Zahra Sadat Saffari
Optimizing a shelf space allocation problem under stock, freshness and price dependent demand

                                                                                                   Student:Zahra Sadat Saffari
 | Post date: 2020/06/15 |  View: 1700 Time(s)
Defence of Parian Afrooz
Project portfolio selection with considering sustainability strategy

                                                                                                                                 Student:Parian afrooz        
 | Post date: 2020/05/30 |  View: 1867 Time(s)
Defence of Sara Sajedi Sabegh

Designing a model for measuring competencies of managers in order to upgrade them


                                                  Student:Sara Sajedi Sabegh
 | Post date: 2020/02/22 |  View: 1846 Time(s)
Defence of Sara Ghorbanpour

a joint bus routing and carpooling problem for staff transportation service design


                                                                Student:Sara Ghorbanpour
 | Post date: 2020/02/22 |  View: 1893 Time(s)
Defence of Sajed Khandani

Developing a Pricing Model for innovative business in passenger transportation market


                                                                Student:Sajed Khandani
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1972 Time(s)
Defence of Reza EhsanBakhsh

Modeling a Pairs Trading Strategy with a Hybrid Approach using Mchine Learning and Stochastic Processes


                                                                Student:Reza EhsanBakhsh
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1853 Time(s)
Defence of Bita Ghanbari

A new controlling chart for project monitoring based on earned value management indexes in fuzzy environment


                                                                Student: Bita Ghanbari
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1828 Time(s)
Defence of Mahya Imani

Bank performance evaluation based on CAMELS rating system and PROMETHEE method


                                                                Student: Mahya Imani
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1905 Time(s)
Defence of Hanieh Zohour fazeli

A Model for Water Quality Management in order to  Waste Load Discharge reduction


                                                                Student: Hanieh Zohour fazeli
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1871 Time(s)
Defence of Sima Hadavand

Brand Model Creation for healthcare clinics (A case Study)


                                                                Student: Sima Hadavand
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1953 Time(s)
Defence of Mortaza Ghodsi

Algorithmic trading by considering factors related to technical and fundamental analysis with machine learning approach in Iran stock exchange


                                                                Student:Mortaza Ghodsi
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1835 Time(s)
Defence of Mahsa Reazaei

Stochastic inventory routing problem in a disaster relief logistics considering blood types


                                                                Student:Mahsa Reazaei
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1833 Time(s)
Defence of Atieh Azizian

Study of the prevalence, individual and national costs of migraine disease


                                                                Student: Atieh Azizian
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1868 Time(s)
Defence of Ahmadreza Ketabi

Identifying, measuring, and analyzing workplace harmful factors on personnel health in the industrial environment


                                                                Student: Ahmadreza Ketabi
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1830 Time(s)
Defence of Ali Mohsenzade Andevari

Project portfolio selection using multi-criteria decision making and integer programing with regard to sustainable development indicators


                                                                Student: Ali Mohsenzade Andevari
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1833 Time(s)
Defence of Nasim Nazari

Developing a Roadmap for Light Aircraft 


                                                                Student: Nasim Nazari          
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1861 Time(s)
Defence of Hanie Bayat

Multi-objective vehicle routing problem in Omni-channel retailing distribution systems with time windows constraints


                                                                Student: Hanie Bayat          
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1822 Time(s)
Defence of Fatemeh Sogandi

Bernoulli risk adjusted control chart in multistage healthcare processes


                                                                Student: Fatemeh Sogandi            
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1943 Time(s)
Defence of Amir Minaie

Innovation in business model of tourism industry; Case Study: Ilam's Deprived Province


                                                                Student: Amir Minaie            
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1829 Time(s)
Defence of Safora Ahovanbar

Innovation in business model of tourism industry; Case Study: Ilam's Deprived Province


                                                                Student: Safora Ahovanbar             
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1957 Time(s)
Defence of Sahar Khajesaeedi

Multi-mode resource-constrained project scheduling problem (MRCPSP)


                                                                Student: Sahar Khajesaeedi              
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1878 Time(s)
Defence of Erfan Shafiei Rodbari
Reverse Logistics Network Design for Product Reuse ,Remanufacturing ,recycling and refurbishing under uncertainty         

Student: Erfan Shafiei Rodbari                                                                                                                                                           
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1904 Time(s)
Defence of Sogand Barat Vakili
  • Presenting methodolagy for indentifying ,investigating and evaluating technology spillorer criteria in the domestic oil industry

                                                        Student:Sogand Barat Vakili
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 2033 Time(s)
Defence of Pouria Souri
Developing a model to Investigate the possibility of technology spillover from High-tech industries to SMEs

                                                                                                                                 Student:Pouria Souri
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 2117 Time(s)
Defence of Mehrnaz Behrouz
Developing a mathematical model in order to characterize the optimal screening strategy for hepatitis C disease

                                                                                                                                 Student:Mehrnaz Behrouz
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 2010 Time(s)
Defence of Shabnam Moradi
Diagnosing and crisis management in organization based on amorphous

                                                                                                                                 Student:Shabnam Moradi
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1942 Time(s)
Defence of Keyvan Shabani
Development in business model, lunching a solar power plant with collective investment

                                                                Student:Keyvan Shabani                               
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1942 Time(s)
Defence of Erfaneh karimzadeh

Optimizing a Pricing and Shelf Space Allocation Problem for Complementary Products under Freshness Dependent Demand


                                                                Student:Erfaneh Karimzadeh                              
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1856 Time(s)
Defence of Seyed Vahid Mortazavi Zanjani

Orienteering problem in consideration of attractiveness and pricing in the entertainment industry


                                                                Student:Seyed Vahid Mortazavi Zanjani                         
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1855 Time(s)
Defence of Samaneh Movaghar Hoor

Customer segmentation and behavior modeling based on customer lifetime value (CLV) using RFM


                                                                Student:Samaneh Movaghar Hoor                        
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1882 Time(s)
Defence of Rozhin Nekoeian

Resource allocation of project portfolio: using dynamic programming approach


                                                                Student: Rozhin Nekoeian               
 | Post date: 2020/01/27 |  View: 1897 Time(s)