Flexible Production Systems Laboratory

 | Post date: 2019/11/13 | 
 Flexible Production Systems Laboratory
Supervisor: Saeid Mansour
Address: Room 013, minus one floor, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, AUT
Telephone: +98(21) 64545306
Email: s.mansouraut.ac.ir
Flexible production systems are groups of computer numerical control machine tools which are able to process a group of parts randomly in a way that the system can automatically adapt in order to make changes in production, collections and etc. By having an automatic material handling system with a central computer control.
In this laboratory, students become familiar with different methods of production and different machineries of manufacturing and production. This laboratory is considered as a practical example of flexible production systems.
Equipment of the flexible production systems laboratory
  • FMS production line equipment, this system consists of different parts including system controller computer, conveyor belt, robot, pallet and CNC lathe along with a computer;
  • CNC turning and milling machines.

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