Accurate Measurement and Quality Control Laboratory

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Accurate Measurement and Quality Control Laboratory

Supervisor: Seyed Hamid Reza Shahabi Haghighi 
Technician: Mohammad Norouzi
Address: Room 013, minus one floor, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, AUT
Telephone: +98(21) 64545306
Measurement was begun simultaneously with human trading. Humans needed metrics to trade and exchange their needs with each other and also to calculate the times and hours. Today, with the advancement and development of human society and the increase of human knowledge, new concepts and issues have emerged in this area including the definition of various measurement indicators, the development of measuring equipment, standardization, etc. On the other hand, in the field of production, concepts such as quality control of products, compliance with national and international standards, reduction of production costs, and elimination of extra costs are all somehow related to measurement knowledge. Therefore, acquaintance with accurate measurement and quality control is essential for industry engineers. The lab is offered as a two-unit course for undergraduate students. This course is designed to acquaint the student with accurate measuring equipment.
This laboratory is used for teaching the followings:
  • Introducing different equipment used in instrumentation and how to work with these equipment;
  • Errors, accuracies and other effective factors on measurement;
  • How to use standard tables in measurement;
  • Working with CNC accurate instruments.
Equipment of the accurate measurement and quality control laboratory
  • Non-CNC instruments;
  • CNC instruments;
  • Profile projector device;
      CMM device.

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