Motion and Time Study and Timing Systems Laboratory

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aSupervisor: Seyed Nasrolah Marashi Shoshtari
Address: Room 013, minus one floor, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management Systems, AUT
Telephone: +98(21) 64545306
Motion and time study is one of the most trusted ways in which many benefits can be achieved through promoting human performance, increasing productivity and value-added, presenting better service and lowering costs. The range of application of timing is very vast and apart from complex mental processes, it involves other human activities. The lab is offered with a three-unit course of “Motion and time study” for undergraduate students to provide them with the practical application of the topics that are theoretically learned during the course.
This laboratory is used for teaching the followings:
  • Investigating different ways of doing the work;
  • Analysis of the operation;
  • Creating appropriate designs considering economic principles in terms of human body;
  • Designing desktop and machineries and tools;
  • Analysis of movements;
  • Determining the standard time data using direct observation systems and predetermined motion time systems;
  • Timing analyses and the ways of comparing them;
  • Selecting timing system;
  • Analyzing the time for material handling with crane and hand and motor driven trucks;
  • The method of time modeling using MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM-3, MTM-C, MTM-M, STOP WATCH, BASIC MOST. MNI MOST. MAXI MOST systems;
  • Creating time formula;
  • Standard data;
  • Sampling of activity.
Equipment of Motion and time study and timing systems laboratory
  • Roof crane;
  • Hand tools;
  • Lathe;
  • Electronic parts;
  • Chronometer;
  • Hand trucks.

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