Message of the chair

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Message of the Chair

Department of Industrial Engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology with more than 30 years’ experience in education and research is one of the pioneers in the country.
We are proud of our alumni who are working in various fields of industry and management.
Our PhD alumni are a part of faculty members in many different universities, institutes of higher education and research centers.
Our programs are at both graduate and under-graduate levels. The only program at under-graduate level is Industrial and System Engineering. There are eight programs which offer Master of Science degree. These programs are Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Engineering, Innovation Engineering, Financial Engineering, Health Systems Management, Project Management, Economical and Social Systems Engineering and Productivity and System Management.
We are decisive, with the aid of God, and input of our faculty members, employees and students to do our best to rise to a top place among all other similar institutes in the Middle East. The future is in our hand.
We hope that this website can play a crucial role in connecting us to students, alumni and industry, and serve as a good resource of knowledge in the industrial and system engineering field.
Dr. Abbas Ahmadi
Chair of the Department of Industrial Engineering

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